The Outsider

Being different was not a bad thing for me. It was the ridicule that came along with being abnormal for there was no justice for the different, no safe haven for the weak and no solace for the segregated. In this vast land mass there was no room for people like me. My face shone in the subdued watery sunlight as it burst in beams through the almost complete cloud layer above, casting transitory spotlights. My features were typical of my kin in the lands south across the seas, but here they marked me out as an alien. My cocoa-pigmented, angularlying chiselled face was considered appealing back home  or at least not disturbin,  here it was a cause of alarm. Trust me, I am not one to blame them for their views, for these people have lived in the colder climes for so long that their skin now matched the snow. On the other hand mine unmistakably resonated the rich fertile soils of the motherland. Back home I did not have an accent. In the rolling hills and plunging valleys my speech wa

The Unconventional Teen

Have you ever felt like you don't belong in each and every situation that life throws at you? You are frazzled by socializing but you also can't stand being isolated. You feel overwhelmed by the "socialites and cool kid" but you are also too loud for the wallflowers and can never find middle ground. You quietly cringe when your acquaintances,  I wouldn't call them friends, boast about their weekend endeavours as you think back to what you did during yours. You spent it holed up in your room and if you are like me you most probably were listening to questionable music and reading everything else besides you school texts.  Do you feel like most people your age have their sh*t together, or at least are not contemplating their entire existence? You daydream more than you would like to, and your thoughts and weird ideas keep you up at night. You are constantly tired without even doing much work. Your brain is fatigued so half the time you zone out but you don't kn